Fraunhofer Innovation Platform for Composites Research In cooperation with Fraunhofer


Ways to engage with FIP-Composites at Western

Press Centre Trials

The FPC @ Western will have critical technology capable of producing full-scale parts for testing purposes. This technology includes:

  • Long Fibre Thermoplastic direct compounding
  • Direct Moulding Composite compounding
  • Advanced hydraulic press technology

Clients can lease time in the press Centre with their own in-house developed materials, processes, and dies, with the option for facility lock-down during their purchase time period. They will provide their own engineering and scientific resources for project completion, however, will be required to use a trained FIP-Composites at Western technologist, for equipment operation.

This leasing will be offered at a cost per day, a fee which includes access to the facility, technician time to run press equipment, and general overhead/project oversight to bring the project into the facility.

Analytical Testing Services

The FIP-Composites at Western will have access to analytical testing equipment used to evaluate new composite parts for key characteristics such as surface quality and gloss, flexural and tensile strength, impact resistance, reactivity, etc.

The testing equipment will be available either directly in the laboratory for the joint initiative, or in academic labs located within facilities directly affiliated with the FIP-Composites at Western, for example, at Western University and other academic partners in southwest Ontario.

In this case, the FIP-Composites at Western will act as the platform with the clients to understand their testing needs, coordinate contracts and testing plans, and facilitate execution of the project.

Analytical testing services will be offered on a per test basis, with a price set for each type of test, per sample. The price of the test will include equipment, lab technician, and overhead costs.

Scientific and Engineering Services

The FIP-Composites at Western will offer clients access to this expertise on an hourly rate or project basis. Clients undertaking their own in-house development activities may choose to engage the resources on an hourly basis to assist with particular challenges within the context of their projects, or may choose to engage the FIP-Composites at Western to execute a project completely from concept, through process design, material evaluation, and parts testing.

In each case, the project will be custom quoted on a time and materials basis, including hourly rates for resources used, materials, time on equipment expenses, and overhead.

Training/Educational Services

In addition to helping clients design and implement new materials and processes, the FIP-Composites at Western will offer services to help clients integrate these new processes into their organization.

Through the FIP-Composites at Western, clients will be able to obtain training and educational services for their in-house employees in a variety of areas including technical training for operations, maintenance, and engineering staff, system/process training for operations, material control, and management staff, or quality training for QA/QC staff.

In each case, the project will be custom quoted on a time and materials basis, including hourly rates for resources used, materials, time on equipment, expenses, and overhead.