Fraunhofer Innovation Platform for Composites Research In cooperation with Fraunhofer

About Us

Advanced polymer composites have been the subject of research and commercial development for many years. The ability to develop materials with specific desirable properties, particularly those that are lightweight or have low life-cycle impact is highly valuable to manufacturers in automotive, aerospace, or renewable energy, among other industries.

Currently, the Fraunhofer ICT offers the only open-access full scale press and manufacturing capabilities that allow a company interested in composite materials to develop production scale processes and parts for test purposes.

Western University has scientific excellence in the field of surface technologies and material sciences and a clear strategic orientation towards modern manufacturing systems.

By partnering these areas of expertise, Western and Fraunhofer will work on composite technologies adapted to the local demands of each region’s industry in the joint FIP-Composites at Western.

The FIP-Composites at Western will provide assistance to North American industry, solving design and product development challenges - not only the scientific expertise necessary to assist clients in the achievement of their goals, but will also provide access to the key technology necessary to complete such development work