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Rich Caruso

Rich Caruso is CEO for INTER/COMP, LLC, a global consulting firm specializing in design, development, and marketing of advanced composite materials for transportation, aerospace, military, and infrastructure applications. Rich has over 45 years experience in engineering, product, and market development and management of advanced composite materials, advanced fibres, and associated processes. He has extensive experience with composite materials and sandwich panel structures in military and commercial applications, including development and analysis of materials for military and commercial aerospace structures, industrial and marine applications, and recreational products. Rich is presently involved with the development and marketing of high temperature fibers for military and aerospace thermal and acoustic insulation, and flame blockers for consumer and aerospace applications.

Rich is a graduate plastics engineer with degrees from University of Massachusetts/Lowell (previously Lowell Technological Institute) and has worked for several American and European firms involved in glass, boron, and carbon fibres, fabrication of advanced composite structures, and continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastic materails (CFRTP).