CSTARWestern Engineering


Postdoctoral Fellows

Mahya Shahbazi 2016-2018
S. Farokh Atashzar 2016-2018
Ran Xu 2016-2018
Peyman Yadmellat 2014-2016
Mahta Khoshnam 2014-2016
Ali Asadian 2013-2014
Ali Talasaz 2012-2014
Ana Luisa Trejos 2012
Harman Bassan 2007-2009
Jagadeesan Jayender 2008


Ph.D. Students

Behnaz Poursartip 2017 Motor Skills Assessment in Arthroscopic Surgery by Processing of Kinematic Force and Bio-signal Data
Farshad Anoushapour 2017 Modeling of Force and Motion Transmission in Tendon-Driven Surgical Robots.
Mahya Shahbazi 2017 Expert-in-the-Loop Multilateral Telerobotics for Haptics-Enabled Motor Function and Skills Development
Ran Xu 2016 Modeling, Sensorization and Control of Concentric-Tube Robots
S. Farokh Atashzar  2016 Safe Haptics-enabled Patient-Robot Interaction for Robotic and Telerobotic Rehabilitation of Neuromuscular Disorders: Control Design and Analysis
Maria Currie 2016 The Role of Visualization, Force Feedback, and Augmented Reality in Minimally Invasive Heart Valve Repair
Nima Najmaei 2014 Design and Construction of a Prototype Robotic Haptic Device Based on Novel Smart Actuators (Magneto-Rheological Fluid Based Clutches)
Amir Takhmar 2014 Control Design of Cooperative Haptic Teleoperation System for Robotic-Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery
Ali Asadian 2013 Robotics-Assisted Needle Steering for Percutaneous Interventions: Modeling and Experiments
Iman Khalaji 2013 On the Application of Mechanical Vibration in Robotics-Assisted Soft Tissue Intervention
Ali Talasaz 2012 Haptics-Enabled Teleoperation for Robotics-Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery
Ana Luisa Trejos 2012 A Sensorized Instrument for Minimally Invasive Surgery for the Measurement of Forces during Training and Surgery: Development and Applications
Hamidreza Azimian 2012 Optimal Planning for Robot-Assisted Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery
Mahdi Azizian 2010 Image-Guided Robot-Assisted Techniques with Applications in Minimally Invasive Therapy and Cell Biology
Jagadeesan Jayender 2007 Haptics enabled robot-assisted active catheter insertion
Harman Bassan 2007
Mahdi Tavakoli 2005 Haptic interaction in master-slave minimally invasive robotic surgery

Master's Students

Matthew Bernardinis 2019 Investigation of Visual Perceptions in Parkinson’s Disease and the Development of Disease Monitoring Software
Mahsa Khosravi 2019 Subthalamic nucleus localization for DBS surgery with online features using Machine Learnng
Pouya Soltani Zarrin 2017 FBG-based Sensorization of Laparoscopic Instruments for Force Sensing
Vahid Mehrabi 2017 Design, Implementation and Control of a Robotic Platform for Post-Stroke Upper- and Lower-Limb Rehabilitation
Cameron Dawson 2017 Design and Evaluation of a Contact-Free Interface for Robotics Assisted Surgery
Nikita Chopra 2017 A Framework for Tumor Localization for Robot-Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery
Amit Srivastava 2016 Shape Memory Alloy Actuators and Sensors for Applications in Minimally Invasive Interventions
Doran Avivi 2016 A Novel Minimally Invasive Tumour Localization Device
Anish Naidu 2015 Design of Novel Sensors and Instruments for Minimally Invasive Lung Tumour Localization via Palpation
Aaron Yurkewich 2015 Design and Control of Robotic Systems for Lower Limb Stroke Rehabilitation
Laura McCracken 2015 Development of a Physical Shoulder Simulator for the Training of Basic Arthroscopic Skills
Daniel Yurkewich 2015 Force Sensing in Arthroscopic Instruments using Fiber Bragg Gratings
Mostafa Hadavand 2014 Design and Development of a Surgical Robot for Needle-Based Medical Interventions
Srikanth Bhattad 2013 InterNAV3D: A Navigation Tool for Robot-Assisted Needle-Based Intervention for the Lung
Tara Bracken 2013 Multimodal Noncontact Tracking of Surgical Instruments
Mauricio Nahum 2013 Design of a Minimally Invasive Single Port HDR Brachytherapy Applicator Lung Cancer Treatment
Abhijit Saxena 2012 Development of a Novel Handheld Device for Active Compensation of Physiological Tremor
Paul Christiaans 2012 Design of a Hand-held Seed Injection Device for Lung Brachytherapy
Jeremy Breetzke 2011 Design of a Tele-Operated Surgical Simulation Environment
Tiam Zhang 2011 An optimization-based approach to dosimetry planning for brachytherapy
Tom Kurowski 2011 Design of a Hand Held a Minimally Invasive Tumour Localization Device
Melissa Perri 2009 Tactile Sensing System for Lung Tumour Localization during Minimally Invasive Surgery
Mark Guckert 2009 Design and Control of a Miniature Robotic Manipulator
Shiva Jayaraman 2009 Validation of a sensorized instrument-based training system for minimally invasive surgery
Shiva Mohan 2008 InterNAV2.0: minimally invasive robot-assisted tumor ablative therapies
Niki Abolhassani 2008 Trajectory planning and control of needle insertion in robotics-assisted prostate brachytherapy
Arash Aziminejad 2007 Transparent bilateral teleoperation in the presence of time delay
Jing Ren 2005 Applying artificial potential fields to path planning for mobile robotics and to haptic rendering for minimally invasive surgery
Martin Pytel 2005 The development of an image-based navigation system for use in interstitial lung brachytherapy
Farnoosh Tavakkoli 2004 Haptic interaction and visualization of elastic deformation
Rod Locke

Undergraduate Students

Kaspar Sahzada 2015-2016 Sensorization of surgical robotic instruments for force sensing
Marko Mikic 2015-2016 Shape-setting development and PCB design for Concentric-Tube Robots

 Research Associates

Abelardo Escoto 2009-2017 Development of mechatronics robotics systems and devices for medical applications
Chris Ward 2009-2017 Design, fabrication and integration of mechatronic systems for surgery and rehabilitation