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Leanna King graduated in 2011 with a BEsc in Civil and Environmental Engineering and in 2012 with an MESc in Water Resources Engineering at the University of Western Ontario, London, Canada. Her Masters thesis involved simulation of historical and future climate variables using various weather generators and downscaled global climate model data. She went on to work for two years with BC Hydro in Vancouver, Canada, participating in a variety of hydrotechnical and dam safety projects. Leanna is now pursuing a PhD degree in Water Resources Engineering at the University of Western Ontario under the supervision Dr. Slobodan P. Simonovic and Dr. Des Hartford, Principal Engineering Scientist in BC Hydro's Dam Safety division.. She was the recent recipient of a 2015 OGS award for her research relating to the risk and reliability of complex civil infrastructure systems. The research will focus on the application of a systems engineering approach to assess the safety and resilience of real BC Hydro hydropower systems.

Research Interests

Dam safety; Water resources management; Climate change

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