Green Roof Research At Western

3. Research Locations

Three replicate instrumented experimental green roofs were installed in August 2012 in three Canadian cities: Calgary (cold winters, hot and dry summers, low precipitation), London (intermediate winters, hot, humid summers, intermediate precipitation) and Halifax (mild winters, cool summers, high precipitation).
By having replicate arrays we can determine the impact of climate on green roof performance in addition to plant type, slope, and soil depth.

1. London, Ontario

Location: Western University, Talbot College
Size: ~55m^2
Climate: London represents a humid continental climate typical of Eastern North America, with intermediate winters and warm, humid summers

2. Calgary, Alberta

Location: University of Calgary, Earth Sciences building
Size: ~50m^2
Climate: Calgary represents a Western North American dry continental climate which has cold, dry winters and relatively cool summers with most precipitation in the summer and relatively low humidity year round.

3. Halifax, Nova Scotia

Location: Park Place V LEED silver certified Office Building in Halifax
Size: ~50m^2
Climate: Halifax represents a coastal climate where temperatures are moderated by the presence of the ocean

At each location data is collected continuously from instruments measuring key variables required to determine the Water and Energy balances of the green roof. This in turn allows us to assess performance in terms of storm water management and urban heat island mitigation. Each green roof is configured into an array with sedum, grass, and aquilegia plant types. This research will help assess the viability of green roofs as a form of Low Impact Development (LID) in North American cities.


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