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"What Do Clients Want", Presentation at Federation of Consulting Engineers Annual General Meeting, Beijing, 2005.

Investment and Operation of BOT Projects in China, 98 Mainland and Hong Kong BOT Conference, Beijing, 1998.

Wanjiazhai Yellow River - Shanxi Diversion Project. Proceedings, Geotechnical Conference Hong Kong, 1996. Co-authored with Giovanni Barla, Lorenzo Eccher, and Jinshang Yang.

Test Adit for Niagara River Hydroelectric Development. Proceedings, 12th Canadian Tunnelling Conference, 1994. Co-authored with J.H.S. Huang, and S.J. Rigbey.

Investigation for the Niagara River Hydroelectric Development. Proceedings, Canadian Geotechnical Conference, 1992. Co-authored with Y.A Abidi, J.H.S. Huang, and B Semec.

Design of the Diversion Tunnel for the Niagara River Hydroelectric Development. Proceedings, Canadian Geotechnical Conference, 1992. Co-authored with J.H.S. Huang, A.Z. Erzincliogo and W. Somerville.

Evaluation of Stress Conditions within Surface Crown Pillars, Proceedings, Stresses in Underground Structures, Ottawa, Ontario, 1990, co-authored with T.G. Carter, J.S.K. Wong and S.V.L. Barrett.

Bench Excavation, Shaft and Tunnel Construction for the Maid of the Mist Facility, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canadian Tunnelling Conference, Vancouver British Columbia, 1990, co-authored with M.V. Van Bers and J.M. Harris.

An Overview of the Research on Rock and Gas Outbursts in the Sydney Coalfield, Nova Scotia, co-authored with T. Gain, G.R. Le Bel and D.B. Steward, Canadian Rock Mechanics Conference, Toronto, 1988.

Reports on the Papers Published in the Technical Session Relating to Tunnelling construction, co-authored with V. Milligan, Proceedings Canadian Tunnelling Conference, Edmonton, 1988.

Design, Construction and Performance of the Dickson Dam Diversion Tunnels, co-authored with D.J. Phelps, J.R. Brandt, Canadian Tunnelling, 1988.

Geotechnical Monitoring of Tunnel Boring Machine Drivages at the Donkin-Morien Mine, Nova Scotia, co-authored with J.L. Gilby and T.R.C. Aston, CIM Journal, Volume 81, No. 915, 1988.

Rock Support Interaction Study of a TBM Driven Tunnel at the Donkin Mine, Nova Scotia, co-authored with J.M. Boyd and T.R.C. Aston, Proceedings 6th Congress of the International Society for Rock Mechanics, Montreal, 1987.

Triaxial Testing of Brittle Sandstone Using a Multiple Failure State Method, co-authored with P. Cain, G.R. Le Bel, A.M. Crawford and D.H. Lau, Geotechnical Testing Journal, Volume 10, No. 4, December 1987.

Design and Performance of Donkin-Morien Tunnels, co-authored with J.M. Boyd and J.C. Marsh, Proceedings 6th Canadian Tunnelling Conference, Niagara Falls, 1986.

Analysis and Remedial Measures for Stabilization of Highway Rock Cuts in Newfoundland, co-authored with T.G. Carter and R.N. Pereira, Proceedings International Landslide Conference, Toronto, 1984.

Design of Tunnel Lining in Rock for Long Term Time Effects, co-authored with K.Y. Lo, Canadian Geotechnical Journal, Volume 18, 1981. (won Best Paper Award for Canadian Geotechnical Journal).

In situ Stresses in a Rock Overhang at the Ontario Power Generating Station, Niagara Falls, co-authored with K.Y. Lo, B. Lukajic and M. Hori. Fourth International Congress on Rock Mechanics, Monrreaux, Switzerland, 1979.

Performance of a Shallow Tunnel in a Shaly rock, co-authored with K.Y. Lo and M. Devata. International Symposium, Tunnelling '79, London, England. 1979.

Stress Measurements at Heart Lake Tunnel in a Shaly rock, co-authored with K.Y. Lo. University of Western Ontario Research Report to N.R.C. and M.T.C. 1978.

A New Apparatus for Measuring the Principal Strains in an Anisotropic Clay, co-authored with K.Y. Lo, J.H.L. Palmer and J.A. Leonards. Geotechnical Testing Journal, ASTM, Volume 1, 1978.

Interpretation and Significance of Anisotropic Deformation Behaviour of Soft Clays, co-authored with K.Y. Lo and G.A. Leonards, Addendum Laurits Bjerrum Memorial Volume, NGI. Publication #117: Oslo 1977.

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