Began training in 1977 under Grandmaster Sung Bok Nam at El Shams Sporting Club, Cairo, Egypt. Achieved black belt 1st Dan on February 6, 1981 and 2st Dan on December 1982, certified by Nam’s Self Defense School (OH DO KWAN). Began teaching together with the continuous training and achieved 3nd Dan on October 10, 1986, Kukkiwon certification by the World Taekwondo Federation. Collected a lot of championship medals as a Taekwondo player and instructor.

Competition Record:
  • BRONZE: Egypt Taekwondo Championships (Feather): 1980

  • GOLD: Cairo Taekwondo Championships (Feather): 1981

  • SILVER: Egypt Taekwondo Open Championships (Feather): 1982

  • GOLD TROPHY: Egypt Taekwondo Open Championships - Junior under 15 years old (Team Coach): 1985


  • Drawing

  • Playing Accordion

  • Billiard

  • Soccer
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