Engineering Now .: Volume 3 - Edition 10 .: May 2007

Renovation Update

SEB 15 - to be finished as a undergraduate and research lab for CEE. In design stage.

SEB 22 (outside) - storage areas for sand, gravel, waste concrete samples. Probably late summer/early fall start.

SEB 1001 - mainly cosmetic upgrades to UES space. In design stage.

SEB 1004/1005 - new ceiling and light fixtures for U/G computer labs. Was completed mid May.

SEB 1068/1071 - install A/C system that was donated by Mitsubishi. Some work will start end of May.

SEB 1077 - upgrade MME Heat Transfer Lab. In design stage. To be completed by mid August.

SEB 1082 - upgrade "elephant truck exhaust system". Parts ordered, awaiting delivery.

SEB Conference rooms:
2009A - Complete - old furnishings have been moved back in temporarily. New furniture has been ordered.
2009B - Complete except for furniture. This room will remain closed until new furniture arrives.
3102 - Construction should start early July. Will take approximately 1 month.

SEB 2025 - CFI funded Renovation of CBE research lab. Scheduled to start late August.

SEB 2036 - Minor upgrades to CBE U/G lab. Nearly complete.

SEB 2052A - MME Graduate student space upgrade. Completed end of April.

SEB 2093 - Electrical upgrades in ECE Machines Lab. In design stage. To be completed by mid August.

SEB 3100 - Electrical upgrades in ECE controls lab. To be completed by mid-August.

SEB 3101/3102a - Expansion of ECE undergraduate lab. To be completed by mid-August.

SEB Lockers - Student lockers on the first and second floors of "old SEB" will be replace with new. To be completed by end of August.

TEB Entrance - Renovation to clean up old Tim Hortons area and add some lounge seating. Late summer/early fall start.

For more information, please contact Mike Gaylard, Facilities Manager at

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