Experience Engineering Plus
What is Engineering? Engineering is the application of basic sciences to the design, development and realization of innovative, intelligent and safe solutions for the benefit of society.

Western Engineering

Western Engineering views engineering as a caring profession, bearing tremendous social responsibility. Our faculty members conduct leading-edge research in topical areas that benefit society. Areas of special expertise include: alternative and renewable energy, smart machines with medical applications, natural disaster mitigation and management, nanotechnology, and much more. Students at the undergraduate and graduate level benefit from this knowledge, as faculty members draw from their research to teach.

Our Faculty’s modest size allows us to offer a student-focused, career-driven philosophy combining a wide array of programming with an extraordinary range of extracurricular activities. Students can customize their educational experience according to their personal interests.

We also take employer’s interests and needs into consideration when planning our curriculum. As a result, our accredited undergraduate and graduate degrees provide an outstanding technical education, incorporating teamwork, leadership, and entrepreneurship skills. We provide opportunities for students to acquire the tools to succeed - regardless of their ultimate career path.

We refer to our huge array of opportunities as Western Engineering Plus.