Engineering Now .: Volume 2 - Edition 11 .: May 26, 2006

Virtual Reality research makes the Charlie Thompson Scientific Achievement Award a reality for Dr. Sumit Agrawal – twice!

Dr. Sumit Agrawal, Chief Surgical Resident in the Department of Otolaryngology at Western, was awarded the 2006 Charlie Thompson Scientific Achievement Award for his research paper entitled "3-D Endoscopy of the External Auditory Canal: A Step Towards Virtual Reality.”

Agrawal’s research was conducted under the supervision of Prof. Hanif Ladak, who is jointly appointed to the Departments of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Medical Biophysics. Ladak has also recently been cross-appointed to the Department of Otolaryngology. Agrawal’s research was also advised by Lorne Parnes of the Department of Otolaryngology.

Agrawal’s Virtual Reality research in this area was recogonized last year as well. In 2005, he received this same award for his work on computer modeling of the eardrum. The eardrum and canal models will be incorporated into a virtual reality based surgical simulator that Agrawal and Ladak are developing for ear surgery training. The work is funded through an NSERC Discovery Grant.

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