Engineering Now :: Volume 5 - Edition 4:: January 2009

Western's highest recognition for staff members awarded to Nina Lowes

By Western's Communications Staff

When the idea of honoring Nina Lowes was put forward, there was only one problem.

The overwhelming amount of support and testimonials for the Faculty of Engineering Academic Counselor created pages of praise and made it difficult to pack so much admiration into the space allotted.

“She pursues a standard of excellence second to none, all while going above and beyond in her job, maintaining a positive attitude to her service to students, faculty and staff alike,” says Engineering Acting Dean George Knopf. “She builds and fosters Western’s core values of integrity, respect and commitment to service. She makes Western a great place to work, learn and grow.”

Working in the Undergraduate Services Office, Lowes will often lend her advice to faculty members, associate chairs and chairs of departments to help in the decision-making process. It is a role where she excels.

“She is the embodiment of excellence in her role as academic counselor and lives the spirit that is Western,” says professor Jan Shepherd, Associate Director of Undergraduate Services (Engineering). “This kind of work takes great dedication to doing what is right” Deemed a wealth of knowledge within the faculty, Lowes’ relationship with students is a solid bond throughout their journey for their degree. She has had such a remarkable impact on so many students, many who still stay in contact and even return to visit.

“She is a mentor and a guide that counsels students with sincerity, honesty and always in their best interest,” says fellow academic counselor Ann Tsirgielis. “She cares about their academics, but that is her job. Above and beyond, however, she cares about who they are as human beings.”

“Her willingness to help makes visiting her a true pleasure. She goes above and beyond any reasonable expectations in her work,” says Engineering student Ryan Katchky. “Her warmth and positive attitude are contagious and she truly brightens up the halls when she passes through.”

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