Engineering Now .: Volume 4 - Edition 4 .: December 2007 and January 2008

Western Engineering Week 2008

Who says there's nothing to look forward to in January? The UES had lots for students to do during WEW. Here some students work diligently during the Lego competition.

Students returning from Christmas break this year were treated to a week of fun social activities and engaging activities during Western Engineering Week, from January 7 – 12.

The Undergraduate Engineering Society sponsored the event, and made sure that there was a little bit of something for everyone during the week. Students were invited to join into everything from a t-shirt design contest, to mini-putt, an engineering-oriented Lego building contest and even free Laser Quest in downtown London. The week ended with a semi-formal dinner held on campus at the Wave for students, staff and engineering alumni.

This is the second year that the UES has held Western Engineering Week, and they hope that it will become a yearly event that people will look forward to.

“It was started as a kick off for the New Year to include events for everyone in Western Engineering,” said Western Engineering Week Commissioner Meghan Woszczynski.

“It’s similar to the "frosh week" that residences will have for 1st year students. It is hoped that 10 years from now, Western Engineering Week will be a tradition that all Western Engineering alumni will look forward too.”

Western Engineering Week is a campus-based extension of National Engineering Week, which happens later in the academic year.

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