Engineering Now .: Volume 4 - Edition 4 .: December 2007 and January 2008

City Engineer heads West

After a five year tour with the City of London, General Manager of Environmental and Engineering Services & City Engineer, Peter Steblin is returning to BC to continue his career in the Vancouver area.

Mr. Steblin has been a tremendous supporter of the Annual City of London Design Competition, which involves Western Engineering students each year. The competition is an important component of the Western Engineering academic program, and gives student the opportunity to work on real-life design projects. In some cases, student design have even been incorporated into City projects such as the Gibbons Pedestrian Bridge.

Mr. Steblin, a Vancouver-area native, will return to BC to serve as City Manager for Coquitlam. He is due to leave in mid-February. The City of London will host a farewell dinner for Mr. Steblin on February 13th. Those wishing to attend should contact Leah Bartlett at

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