Engineering Now .: Volume 3 - Edition 7 .: February 2007

Motorcycles and a solar car?!

The University of Western Ontario’s SunStang solar car impressed the crowds at the Motorcycle Expo, a special exhibit at Western Fair February 10 – 11, 2007.

The SunStang solar car was showcased to the general public by a number of dedicated team members at the Expo. During the event team members interacted with hundreds of attendees, explaining the workings of the solar car, the goals of the team, and the nature of the upcoming World Solar Challenge 2007. Visitors were astounded to learn the SunStang car can actually break the speed limit of the 401.

Special emphasis was also given to the importance of renewable energy in the future.

The SunStang team reconnected with alumni from the 1996 SunStang team at the Expo and spoke with contractors who had previously worked with the team. Numerous machinists and industry experts were also on-hand, who provided the team with their manufacturing expertise.

Construction is currently well underway for the 2007 SunStang, which will race in the World Solar Challenge in October.

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