Engineering Now .: Volume 4 - Edition 7 .: April 2008

Team Eco-Battery generates a first place win

From left to right: Danial Araujo, Jason Becker, Clement Yung, Kevin Luzak, Across the front:Nathan Galt.

Team Eco-Battery got together to discuss what made their entry into the design showcase a winner.

What is your project about?

  • The Solar/Kinetic battery or ECO-Battery is essential a replacement power source for everyday small home electronics.

    We mimicked the idea found in the increasing use of kinetic energy flashlights and put it into a more general application. The kinetic energy used by shaking the flashlight is harnessed in our design project to charge up a capacitor, which has been implemented into regular sized “AA” battery casing. In addition a solar panel is also available to charge up the capacitor battery. The battery is than able to power small electronic devices such as remote controls.

    Why did you decide that this is what you wanted to focus on?

  • We saw the need for additional solutions to help solve the increasing issue of battery disposal in landfills, and the toxic effects it has on the environment. Over 50% of mercury levels in landfills are due to battery disposal and with the increasing trend of small portable electronics, this number is only bound to grow. Also the use of rechargeable batteries has increased, however rechargeable batteries have a limited lifespan, and will eventually end up in landfills.

    The ECO battery is comprised of a capacitor which does not have a limited lifespan and thus can be reused over and over again while not affecting its performance. The energy harnessed is “green” and thus no chemicals are ever needed.

    Any future plans for your design?

  • The ultimate goal of this design project was to implement an alternative to using batteries. This goal was achieved, however for the future, we hope to have the kinetic energy generator and capacitor tied into one unit and have it inside regular sized batteries casings.

    How excited are you that you tied for first out of over 70 teams?

  • Extremely! This came as a huge shock to us, as the showcase featured numerous unique and amazing ideas coming from our fellow class members. The competition was very tough, and we are grateful that we tied for first among 70 great design teams.

    Also we just would like to say a quick thank you to Professor McIsaac, and Samini for their guidance and support in our studio section.

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