Engineering Now .: Volume 4 - Edition 7 .: April 2008

Western Engineering students offered unique certification opportunity

Western Engineering Plus is about providing students with the best student experience possible. In another example of this philosophy in practice, twenty-six engineering students were given the opportunity in April to write a Solidworks Certification exam.

Solidworks is Computer Aided Design Software that students are taught in their design courses, but not formally tested on. Solidworks developed the standardized certification exam in 2007 as a way for educators and potential employers to gauge an engineer’s skill level in 3D modeling. The exam gives stakeholders a more comprehensive understanding of the abilities of the person in question.

According Mark Cicero, who wrote the exam, the fact that so many students were interested is an indication of the level of dedication of the students at Western Engineering.

“All of these students signed up to write this exam even after the normal exam period finished, which I think is a testament to the enthusiasm our students have towards Engineering,” says Cicero.

The certification exam was coordinated by Professor P. Kurowski, of the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering. He was able to have the 26 students write the exam for free. Usually there is a $100.00 cost associated with the test.

Due to the number of students who took advantage of this opportunity, Cicero says he anticipates the exam will be offered again next year, and that students would be wise to sign up.

“I think this was a very unique opportunity and is something that looks very attractive on a resume,” he says, adding that he is unaware of any other engineering school in Canada giving their students the same chance.

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