Engineering Now .: Volume 4 - Edition 7 .: April 2008

Western Engineering staff members win University Health and Safety Award

Walid Altahan, Manager of MME Laboratories, was selected to be a winner of the University Health and Safety Award. This Award is given for outstanding contributions in the area of improvements of safety of university operations.

Walid has been addressing issues of workplace safety in the operation of Mechanical & Materials laboratories. The University Health and Safety Award recognized and honours Walid's contributions in this area.

University Machine Services staff were also honoured. Steve Arnold, Kevin Barker, Chris Buckrell, Garvin Burt, Clayton Cook, Peter Drexler, Brian Groot, Jack Handysides, Steve Hewlette, Kevin Lee, Rob Levesque, Karen McDonald, Doug Phillips, Cody Ruthman, Gary Snyders, Bob Stuart, Josh Taylor, Chris Vandelaar and Ian Vinkenvleugel make up the team.

UMS staff, who often work with new and/or potentially hazardous materials, have been proactive in promoting workplace safety. They have installed ventilation equipment and implemented a work assessment procedure as added methods to minimize the risk of exposure.

The Awards were officially presented by University President Paul Davenport on April 28. Congratulations go out to Walid and everyone with the UMS!

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