Industrial Bioproduct LabWestern Engineering

Current Group Members



Dr. Chunbao (Charles) Xu

Professor, Director of IBL





Dr. Zhongshun (Sean) Yuan

Research Associate


Bio-based polymers and green chemical technologies



Fang (Flora) Cao

Research Technician


Various projects


 Dr. Laleh Nazari

Postdoctoral associate

 Utilization of wastewater sludge for energy



Dr. Sadra Souzanchi

MITACS-WMB postdoctoral fellow


Catalytic conversion of lower alcohols to higher alcohols



Dr. Kasanneni Tirumala Venkateswara Rao

Postdoctoral fellow


Catalytic conversion of carbohydrates and cellulosic biomass into HMF and FDCA



Dr. Liying (Sarah) Qi

Postdoctoral fellow


Crop residue valorization for bio-based materials



Dr. Xianbin Ai

Visiting scholar



Hydrothermal liquefaction of waste plastics and wastewater sludge for energy recovery, recovery activated carbon from waste PCBs 



Dr. Xiaohui Li

Visiting scholar


Recovery valuable metals from waste PCBs and floatation separation of valuable polymers from waste plastics 



Milad Nahavandi

PhD student09/2017-09/2021


Production of high-value chemicals from glucose



Olufemi Popoola

PhD student



Production of bio-based epoxy resins from lignin



Luana Dessbesell

PhD student



Techno-economic Analysis and Supply Chain Design for a Forest Biorefinery to Produce Value-added Bioproducts from Lignin and Forestry Residues



Hongwei (Lilly) Li

CSC-funded joint training PhD student



Production of bio-based PU foams using lignin for packaging materials and hydroponic growing medium 



Yulin (Tracy) Hu

PhD student



HTL of microalgae



Zaid K Ahmad

PhD student



Optimization of lignin precipitation process (Lignoforce)



Hooman Paysepar

PhD student




Catalytic pyrolysis of lignin for phenolic chemicals and fuels



Soheil Hajirahimkhan

PhD student



UV-curable and fire-retarding coatings from lignin



Heng Zhang

CSC-funded joint training PhD student




Catalytic hydrogenolysis of bio-glycerol for propylene glycol (PG)



Zening Cheng

CSC-funded joint training PhD student



Hydrogen production by supercritical water gasification



Mohamed Kaddour

PhD student, joint supervision



Production of aromatic/phenolic chemiclas from lignin via catalytic hydroprocessing



HemKanta Sharma

MSc student, co-supervised




Bio-conversion of sugars and cellulose to chemicals  


Tianqi Liang

MEng student



Dilute-acid hydrolysis of crop residue for sugar production