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    Welcome to Xu Group @ Western University, CANADA




    Congratulations to Dr. Charles Xu for being elected Fellow of Chemical Institute of Canada (FCIC).


    Congratulations to Dr. Shawn Feng (PhD, 2010-2014) for his new job position as a Postdoctoral Associate at Cape Breton University in Nova Scotia, Canada.

    Congratulations to Afsana Sara Kabir (MESc., 2015-2017) for her new job position as Junior Project Engineer at Bioindustrial Innovation Canada in Sarnia, Canada.

    Congratulations to Dr. Hojat Seyedy (PhD, 2013-2017) for his new job position as industrial wastewater Engineer-In-Training at GHD company, Canada.


    The research website of Xu group: Industrial Bioproduct Laboratory (IBL) was updated: 


    Congratulations to Zohaib Ali (MEng, 2016-2017) for his new job position as Chemical Lab Technician, Labstat Int. ULC, Kitchener, ON, Canada.