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The 2010-2011 club built upon the successes of the previous year with the hosting of the first ever Professor Roast for Western’s Chemical and Biochemical Department. Faculty, staff and undergraduates & graduate students enjoyed food and entertainment with new found celebrities Jeremy Chad and Andrew Belletti stealing the spotlight. Below are a couple of the highlights from the evening:

The club also hosted its first ever Exploring Chemical Engineering Career Night with speakers Pat McNally and western alumnus James Afara. Progress continued on the club’s Megaproject: Production of Biodiesel from Microalgae, with 5 teams and 56 members involved in different areas of the project. The club raised a record $8000 in funding through both the student engagement and project fund, while capping off the year by winning the CSChE Student Chapter Merit Award. This award was in recognition of the club’s initiative and originality in Student Chapter programming and a plaque was presented to the club at the 2011 CSChE conference held in London.

Events and Changes

  • Production of Biodiesel from Microalgae MegaProject: 5 Teams
    • Transesterification
    • Extraction and Separation
    • Instrumentation
    • Strain Optimization
    • Containment
  • First Exploring Chemical Engineering Career Night
  • Started development on Chemical Engineering Case Competition for 2011-2012 year
  • Attended Department and Strategic Planning Meetings with faculty and department chair
  • Joint hosted with the Environmental Science Association the Film Screening of “Land of Destiny” by Brett Story
  • Completed nomination and awarding of the Maurice Bourgougnou award
  • Palasad bowling and wings night
  • Release of 2nd edition of the Chemical Engineering Exchanger Newsletter
  • Participated in National Engineering Week at the London’s Children’s Museum
  • Helped plan and host Fall and March Break Open House


President: P.J. Dunn
Vice President: Robbie Clarke
VP Communications: Ivana Jurcevic
VP Internal: Meera Joseph
VP R&D: Nick Lamont
VP Social: Adrianna Mika
VP Finance: Vidushi Khatri
Secretary: Sarah Morrison
4th Year Rep: Kevin Lin
3rd Year Rep: Jared Pautler
2nd Year Rep: Nathan Smith & Ashley Ching
Strain Optimization Team Lead: Jeffrey Jung
Instrumentation Team Lead: Jason Becker
Extraction and Separation Team Lead: Chris Leech
Transesterification Team Lead: Long Vu
Containment Team Lead: Jake Margel

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