Report Guidelines

The report should be:

  • 8 to 9 pages (double spaced);
  • Plus Cover page including – name, student number, engineering program, company name, position title and date.

Required Report Content:

  • General Company Overview;
  • Description of your position(s) including technical and non-technical work, skills learned, training received, mentoring programs, special assignments etc.;
  • Major projects and key learning’s from the placement;
  • Applicability to your degree and program;
  • How your internship has affected or changed your employment/career goals;
  • Comments on your experience and your overall thoughts of your internship and the company;
  • Any pictures, diagrams, special projects etc. that you wish to include are optional and additional to your 8 to 9 pages of report content.

***Ensure that any company information/material included in the report is approved by your employer.

Important Details for Reports:

Please remember that these reports are graded (pass/fail) by Engineering Career Services. They are also open to future students for review to assist them in learning about your internship and what a placement is like in that company. Reports may also be used by The University of Western Ontario as a promotion to employers and potential students for the Internship program. If you have any questions or concerns about your report being open to the public please let me know.  It is your responsibility to confirm with your employer that you are not disclosing any confidential company information. If you would like to submit your report and have it viewed only by Engineering Career Services then that can be arranged at the request of your employer for confidentiality reasons.