Undergraduate Engineering Co-op Programs

Eligible undergraduate students in any accredited program in the Faculty of Engineering may enroll in a Bachelor of Engineering Science degree ‘With Co-op’ version of that program. Students may enter the ‘With Co-op’ version of their program at any time up to the beginning of Term 2 of their next-to-last level of undergraduate studies. In order to graduate with a 'Bachelor of Engineering Science (Program) with Co-op' degree, a student must complete a minimum of 3 co-op terms prior to the beginning of the final academic term of their degree. A co-op course notation will be on the student’s academic record for each experience term. Please note that all co-op opportunities are to be paid work experience. 

In addition to the practical experience and competitive salary gained through co-ops, a maximum of 12 months of this employment may be used towards the four years experience required for licensing as a Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario.