The Winners

In the category of Biomass Thermochemical Conversion Processes:

1st Place: Blue Ammonia Production from Sugarcane Bagasse

Adi Venkatesh, Nicole Davies, Jay Sangameswar, Nicholas Sanghera, Jovan Williams



2nd Place: Forest Residues to Ethanol via Gassification and Mixed Alcohol Synthesis

Austin Dearlove, Jack Woodall, Mia Van Oirschot, Vanessa Benitah



In the category of Carbon Dioxide Utilization and Hydrogen Production:

1st Place: AquaGen: Generating Aqua Hydrogen Through Methane Pyrolysis

Kaitlin Cacic, Chloe Chong, Monica Perlotto, Ciara Pinto, Cole Beattie



2nd Place: Utilizing Industrial CO2 Emissions in the Production of Green Methanol

Abubaker Elneihoum, Vince Jiang, Adam Shubert, Basil Zammo, Michael Zeljeznjak



In the category of Chemical Production and Resource Recovery:

1st Place: BAJA ME Ltd. - Bioethanol Fuel Production from Sugar Beet Fermentation

Megan Estabrooks, Erin McLean, Brooke Crawford, Jessica Sprunt, Alyssia Burgos, Adam Sawyer



2nd Place: Co-Product Recovery from Sugarcane Bioethanol Production

Alexander Law, Andrew Markham, Isabella Parent, Ashley Richard, Mark Soeder