The Winners

Click here to see the news release from the Western Sarnia-Lambton Research Park announcing the winning projects.

Specialty Chemicals

First Place

Project: Production of Biophenol from Kraft Ligin

Harminder Dosanjh

Radhika Majmudar

Chloe Smith

William Hong

Cindy Zhang

Second Place

Project: Syngas Production using Biogas and Pyrolysis Oil for the Purpose of Gasoline Production

Miguel Gonzalez

Fareed Abuzaid

Nicole Cronin

Hanyoung Choi

Hydrogen and Fuel

First Place

Project: Integrated Process Scheme for Hydrogen Production and CO2 Methanation

Georgia Auger

Seamus Glazier

Claire Moynihan

Matthew Tutty

Kathryn Zanetti

Second Place

Project: Microbial Process for Hydrogen Production

Shana Alexander

Rachael Miles

Hanna Jedemann

Rukhsh Khan

Narisse Al-Salam

Yazan Hassan

Green and Environmental Processes

First Place

Project: Biogas and Renewable Natural Gas Production from Municipal Solid Waste

Shreel Pillai

Kneev Sharma

Priya Shrestha

Jonathan Taylor

Sarah From

Second Place

Project: Conversion of Agricultural Waste to Biofuels by Microwave Pyrolysis

Jacob Tawil

Stephen Wihak

Evan Viola

Quinn Kovach

Aidan Lirette