Projects List

Project 1 - Production of Ethyl Levulinate via Reactive Distillation

Eric Boerboom, Karlen D'Mello, Andrei Dobre, Alex Lee

Project 2 - Upgrading Waste Cooking Oil Combined with Crude Heavy Oil Stock

Anna Iliach, Niall Murphy, Kyra Pollak, Inara Ramji

Project 3 - Production of Green Hydrogen from Biomass Gasification

Kaylee Fennell, Evan Fortner, William McIllwraith, Dhara Patel

Project 4 - Hydrothermal Batch Flow for the Green Synthesis of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles via Hibiscus Petal Extract for Wastewater Treatment

Sara Teasdale, Laura Ridge, Shaden Masaud, Riley Little, Darby Little

Project 5 - Production of Green Hydrogen and Methane from High Temperature Electrolysis and Carbon Dioxide Methanation

Joshua Donohue, Dane Fast, Ayden Kitchen, Korey Roberts

Project 6 - Green Aviation Fuel from Woody Biomass

Madison Seaver, Jeffrey Langlois, Omar Elbayaa, Bryan Hung

Project 7 - Bio-Oil Production from Co-pyrolysis of waste plastics and seaweeds

Calista Jonah, Nha Uyen Ho, Vivienne Nguyan

Project 8 - Anaerobic Digestion of Organic Municipal Solid Waste

Nikita Gupta, Kimberley Hemme, Balsam Mudathir, Abram Robiso

Project 9 - Redefining the Ammonia Production Process

Zaria Layne, Gupar Punia, Arav Saherwala, Moawaz Sheikh, Varshiga Vijayakumar

Project 10 - Novavulcarna Covid-19 Vaccine Facility

Maleah Marquis, Sydney Qusenel, Charlotte Thomsen, Ahmed El Gallad, Shivani Prabhunerukar

Project 11 - Green Hydrogen Production from Reforming of Bio-oil

Rawad Hachichou, Brad Shepherd, Grace Hilton, Jackson Hao