Projects List

Project 1 - Plastic Waste Conversion to Hydrogen-Rich Synthesis Gas

Brendan Forde, David Munoz, Elise Buck, Emily Wang, Salma Cherif

Project 2 - Production of Phenol from Kraft Lignin

Cindy Zhang, Radhika Majmudar, Harminder Dosanjh, William Hong, Chloe Smith

Project 3 - Conversion of Agricultural Waste to Biofuels by Microwave Pyrolysis

Aidan Lirette, Evan Viola, Jacob Tawil, Quinn Kovach, Steve Wihak

Project 4 - Hydrogen Production using Solar Energy

Alyssa Palazzo, Klaire Brewster, Raj Singh Sangha, Andrew Rideout, Ridley Robert Nan

Project 5 - Bio-Hydrogen Production via Dark Fermentation of Food Waste

Adrian Hucal, Lena Szykowski, Jacob Hardwick, Luke Fior, Sydney Cheresnuik, Sebastian Cook

Project 6 - Biogas and Renewable Natural Gas Production from Municipal Organic Waste

Priya Shrestha, Sarah From, Kneev Sharma, Jonathan Taylor, Shreel Pillai

Project 7 - Converting Shale Gas to DME via Indirect Synthesis

Mohanad Ibrahim, Rinujan Kamalachandran, Lohith Malasani

Project 8 - Syngas Production using Biogas and Pyrolysis Oil for the Purpose of Gasoline Production

Fareed Abuzaid, Hanyoung Choi, Nicole Cronin, Miguel Gonzalez, Brandon Julien

Project 9 - Conversion of Lignocellulosic Biomass to Fuels

Andrew Gallagher, Tanner Behrend, Brandon Folia, Matthew Serafin

Project 10 - Integrated Process Scheme for Hydrogen Production and CO2 Methanation

Seamus Glazier, Georiga Auger, Matthew Tutty, Claire Moynihan, Kathryn Zanetti

Project 11 - Microbial Process for Hydrogen Production

Shana Alexander, Rachael Miles, Yazan Hassan, Hanna Jedemann, Rukhsh Khan, Nariise Al-Salam

Project 12 - Beer Production: 60-Minute India Pale Ale

Kristoffer Mailloux, Phillip Uttley, Tae Kim, Zhenan Zhang, Ziyi Fan

Project 13 - Renewable Natural Gas from Wood Waste

Wajeeha Arshad, Meshail Akram, Mohammad Haider, Ekpeju Ogbemi