Today, our world is faced with a multitude of global issues. From extreme poverty and inequality, to a lack of clean drinking water and sustainable infrastructure, it is our belief that socially minded-engineers, working alongside local partners, will help to bring about the emergence of developing countries to prosperity.


Provide students an opportunity to gain practical development skills that cannot be acquired through classroom learning. This is an essential step in understanding the complexities of development work, and it is important for students to learn first hand the necessity of cultural aspects when generating appropriate sustainable solutions to problems.
Ensure the sustainability of the program. Building a relationship between our development partners and Western Engineering is important, and returning each summer to continue our projects helps achieve this goal.

To provide a formal avenue for mentorship between returned and new student volunteer. The student mentorship program between returning volunteers and incoming students is critical to the continued success and sustainability of the program.

To engage Western students, faculty and staff. Engaging the Western community is done through hosting activities that promote and support the training of socially minded engineers who are able to apply their skills and experiences in developing communities.   
To raise awareness to the Western and greater community. Awareness on past and present development projects is raised through presentations and fundraising events to demonstrate the need for engineers to think socially, globally and sustainably.

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CIDA International Development Week, February 5-11

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WEAID Awareness Night, March 8, The Wave, 6-8pm

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Western Engineering Association for International Development
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