Engineering Now | Welcome 2009

Welcome Undergraduate Students

Amarjeet BassiHello My name is Amarjeet Bassi and I am the Associate Dean (Academic) and responsible for undergraduate programs and academic policies at Western Engineering.

First and foremost, I offer a warm welcome to the class of 2013, transfer students, and returning upper year students. I very much look forward to meeting our first year students during Orientation Week 2009. I know your time at Western will be a very enjoyable and rewarding experience. University life brings new opportunities and new friends. You will find here a caring and wonderful community as you spend your next four years as part of the WE family.

Western Engineering has a very exciting year lined up for all students. I encourage our first year students to get involved with various Western Engineering activities throughout the year. To our upper year students, I hope you will continue to make Western Engineering proud with your efforts in extracurricular activities, academics and leadership initiatives across campus, within Canada or Internationally.

With everything that goes on in our Faculty, and across campus, you probably will have questions about university, classes, procedures and policies, or just life in general. This is where your WE Undergraduate Services Office can help. We are located in the Spencer Engineering Building, room 2097. Stop by anytime and we are available to answer your questions or provide advice as needed.

We look forward to meeting you.

Amarjeet Bassi, Associate Dean (Academic)

Special Message to First Year Students

Karen Murray Hello first year class! My name is Karen Murray and I'm the first year academic counsellor.

After too short a summer (in my opinion - I'm a warm weather girl) I can't believe September is here. I'm really looking forward to meeting you in person after chatting with you all summer long on Facebook.

There will be so much going on when you first arrive on campus - like orientation, moving into residences and all the activities that will take place campus-wide. With all the new people you will be meeting and places you will be learning about, the Undergraduate Services Office is always the place for you to remember. If you have any questions or concerns, know I am always available to assist.

All the best,

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