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The start of a new academic year always brings new and exciting research opportunities. This year the research community can look forward to the long awaited ROLA II system. Some of the benefits of the new system are:

  • researchers won’t have to enter personal information
  • research opportunity notifications can be tailored for your research interests
  • the system will generate e-mail notifications for Chair and Associate Dean’s approval
  • information will be stored on the database indefinitely

ROLA II will go live on September 17 and researchers will no longer be able to submit paper copies. Remember to sign up for an information session to avoid any problems when you are in a time crunch: 

The fall season is always the time when many research grant opportunities are available. Look for information on:

  • NSERC Discovery Grants
  • Academic Development Fund (ADF)
  • Early Researcher Award (ERA)

and many more opportunities that will be available.

Faculty members should also mark their calendars for February 5, 2010 when we will once again join with Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry and the Faculty of Science to host the annual research showcase. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Lesley Mounteer, Diana Lee or Dr. Hesham El Naggar. We wish you success in your teaching and research activities for the coming academic year!

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