Engineering Now | Summer 2009

Sarafinchin Geoengineering Award presented to Martin Blazejowski

Martin Blazejowski and Sean Hinchberger

Civil Engineering professor Sean Hinchberger presents Martin Blazejowski with a cheque for $1,500 as part of the Sarafinchin Geoengineering Award

Martin Blazejowski, a fourth-year student in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, is the 2009 recipient of Sarafinchin Geoengineering Award.

This award is presented to a graduating student from the Civil & Environmental Engineering program who has completed all Geoengineering courses offered including a Civil Engineering thesis in Geotechnical Engineering and/or Geoenvironmental Engineering and has outstanding oral and written communication skills.

Martin entered the Engineering program in 2005 and will graduate in May 2009 with a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. He will be attending postgraduate school in September 2009 where he will be working towards his Masters degree in geotechnical engineering. Martin has spent the past 3 years working for Professor Sean Hinchberger, a member of the Geotechnical Research Centre at Western.

Martin has experience surveying, working with inclinometers, and preparing engineering drawings for civil engineering projects. He has written a thesis research paper on the long-term creep behaviour of cantilever walls imbedded in clay. Martin’s interests are in civil construction, structural design, hands-on work, and geotechnical engineering.

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