Engineering Now .: Volume 2 - Edition 12 .: July 28, 2006

Faculty of Engineering recognized its best at Annual Awards Banquet

Western Engineering honoured the 2005 Faculty of Engineering award recipients at the Faculty’s annual awards banquet Thursday, June 15 at the West Haven Golf & Country Club.

Awards were presented to:

Dr. Horia Hangan, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Faculty of Engineering Award of Recognition

Dr. Hangan was recognized by the Faculty with this award for his work at the Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory in the area of thunderstorms and downburst simulations using computation and laboratory simulations, and the practical application of his CFD work which has led to the development of a new oxygen mask to be used in acute medical care situations.

During the nomination process, Dr. Hangan received support from people within Engineering, across campus, industry, and academics outside Western and even outside Canada. Dr. Hangan’s enthusiasm was noted repeatedly in the supporting letters. One writer noted that, “The initiative that Dr. Hangan has demonstrated is often not found in individuals within universities and large corporations but rather smaller entrepreneurial organizations and has served the University well”. Industry representatives pointed out how Dr. Hangan went out of his way to connect them with other researchers who could help them with their projects.

Dr. Cynthia Dunning, Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Ms. Jan Shepherd McKee, Undergraduate Services Office
(no photo available)
Faculty of Engineering Award of Recognition

Dr. Dunning and Ms. Shepherd McKee received a team Award of Recognition for their initiative in promoting the profession of Engineering as a viable option for young women and Western Engineering as the place for them to come, through the highly publicized and extremely successful inaugural Go ENG Girl event.

Dr. Dunning and Ms. Shepherd McKee were commended for their local coordination of this event which saw roughly 90 students and their parents/guardians coming to Western Engineering. Dr. Dunning and Ms. Shepherd McKee co-chaired a Western Engineering executive committee to execute fundraising, logistics and communications for the local event. Western Engineering students, staff and faculty supported this nomination. One student said, “The event was simply flawless and shows that the coordinators really put time and effort into the planning.” Another said, “The amount of positive feedback I received from the participants about the event was astonishing.”

Mr. Walid Altahan, Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Faculty of Engineering Award of Excellence for Outstanding Achievement by a Staff Member

In the three years Mr. Altahan has been Laboratory Manager in the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, he has made many changes and contributions positively affecting the academic, research and service missions of the Faculty.

In supporting letters from many graduate and undergraduate students, staff and faculty members in Mechanical Engineering and beyond, the following adjectives and descriptive phrases were used describe Mr. Altahan: knowledgeable, patient, approachable, caring, respectful, organized, hard-working, always willing to help, and highly professional.

As the industrial representative said, “It is because of the dedication shown by people such as Walid that we will see the continual improvements that are needed in our industry for years to come.”

Dr. Tarlochan S. Sidhu, Hydro One Chair and Chair of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Faculty of Engineering Award for Excellence in Research

This award recognizes the pioneering, visionary and seminal research contributions of Dr. Sidhu in the field of power systems protection and relaying algorithms and techniques for microprocessor-based relays.

Sidhu's outstanding research work is also recognized by NSERC with a very large Discovery Grant, which places Sidhu among the top five researchers in his field in Canada.

Dr. Kenneth A. McIsaac, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
R. Mohan Mathur Award for Excellence in Teaching in the Faculty of Engineering

Dr. McIsaac is recognized with this prestigious award for his superior commitment to teaching excellence, for his dedication and enthusiastic support of the students’ learning experience, and for his outstanding mentorship.

Since joining Western Engineering in January of 2000, Dr. McIsaac has excelled in teaching undergraduate and graduate level courses. These courses include a very challenging Digital Logic Design course, with significant laboratory and design components; a Microprocessors course, with a significant lab component; and Computer Architecture and Introduction to Non-Linear Systems at the graduate level. During the past year, Dr. McIsaac has also been involved as an instructor and co-coordinator of ES050 Introduction to Engineering Design and Innovation.

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