Engineering Now :: Volume 6 - Edition 6 :: Spring 2009

ES 1050 Design Showcase

Floor on Wall Team

Team members of "Floor on the Wall" stand beside their award-winning project.

There were no shortage of ideas at the ES 1050 Design Showcase this year, where the theme was "Solutions for Improving Student Life."

Students designed everything from travel mugs heated continuously with a solar panel powered battery to an automated breakfast cooking and preparation machine.

Over 80 teams of first-year students displayed their projects in the Great Hall on Tuesday, April 7.

The annual event is the culmination of a year’s work in the introductory design course ES 1050. Throughout the course of the event, guests and participants were asked to vote for their favourite entries. The results are in:

First Place - "Remote Door Lock" consisting of team members: Nichole Che, Raed El-Khatib, Christopher Engler, Joshua Friedlich, andOmar Gharib.

Second Place - "Floor on the Wall" consisting of team members: Nichole Baczynski, Daniel Howlett, Firas Kamal, and Wendy Liu.

Third Place (a tie) - "Fresnel Lens Water Desalination System" consisting of team members: Thomas Butler, Jason Campbell, Justin Cook, and Jason Criger; and "Power in Motion" consisting of team members: Lana Amein, Todd Erickson, Jamie Gregory, and Joshua Strub.

People in the engineering community were not the only people interested in the group’s projects this year. The TeamWork Lab, a group of researchers based in the Psychology Department at The University of Western Ontario who study the psychology of teams, observed the first-year students for their own research projects. [read more]

Floor on the Wall

Fellow classmates test out the "Floor on the Wall" project. Everyone agreed the concept is a great solution to improving student life as the contraption provides a fun and easy way to keep dirty clothes off the floor.

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