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Engineering Sophs showed first-year students why ERTW.

Orientation Week 2005

Anthony Stracuzzi, Western Engineering Head Soph 2005, worked with other members of the UES to plan a jam-packed Orientation Week for first-year engineering students. The group planned everything from BBQ's to a welcome from the Dean to a Hummer Pull in support of Shinerama.

Orientation Week Photos
Photos taken by Ralph Buchal and Allison Stevenson


.: Allison Stevenson
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First-year students, sophs, faculty and staff gathered outside SEB to hear a welcome message from the Dean.

Soph gear

Marika Marty, Engineering Soph Mom 2005

Anthony "Colgate" Stracuzzi, Engineering Head Soph 2005

Bill "BISMO" Smolders, 2005-2006 UES President

Dean Franco Berruti

Dr. George Knopf, Associate Dean, Academic

First-year students head inside for their first exam of the school year.


Dean Berutti and UES President, Bill Smolders

Engineers Without Borders lead the Make Poverty History campaign at Western. This banner symbolizes the arm bands worn in support of the campaign.

First-year students learn about the Mini Baja vehicle.

First-year students watch as the Formula SAE team revs their engine.

Women in Engineering lunch