Engineering Now .: Volume 2 - Edition 5 .: November 23, 2005

Smashing poverty with pumpkins

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Samir Raza, an EWB Western member, spray painted the words "Poverty" on the 750-pund pumpkin before it was dropped from 100-feet.

A 750-pound pumpkin, with the words "Poverty" spray painted on it, was dropped from 100-feet Tuesday, November 15 to symbolize what EWB Western would like to see happen to poverty one day.

The group used the Pumpkin Drop as a fundraising initiative to help send EWB Western volunteers overseas.

"Every time we collected $10 from the crowd we would lift the pumpkin 1 foot in the air," explained Luke Brown, EWB Western member and Pumpkin Drop coordinator. "Our goal was to raise $1,000 and we raised almost that much."

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(photo: introductory image for the site)

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