Engineering Now .: Volume 4 - Edition 6 .: March 2008

WE student Julie Ladiges wins HP Scholarship

Congratulations to Julie for winning one of two Hewlett-Packard Scholarships (HP) available to female engineering students this year. Created in 2007 by a partnership between HP and the Canadian Engineering Memorial Foundation (CEMF), the scholarships are meant to encourage more Canadian women to pursue a career in engineering.

The scholarship is awarded based on community leadership and involvement in extracurricular activities. Special emphasis is placed on leadership and encouraging others to contribute to bettering Canadian society. Recipients must also be willing to act as a role model to encourage other women to pursue a career in engineering.

Julie has embodied all of these qualities throughout her time with Western Engineering. Three years ago, she moved to London to study engineering at Western. Immediately, she became involved in the university community. She joined the Undergraduate Engineering Society (UES) and the University Students’ Council (USC), where she represented first year students.

In her second year, Julie volunteered during Western’s renowned Orientation Week as a Soph. In this position she was able to help strengthen the Western student community by engaging and supporting first year students.

Julie has been very involved with the UES throughout her time as a student. She worked as Outreach Commissioner during her second year, and undertook a large initiative called Western Engineering Bonanza (WEB). WEB is an event which introduces high school students to engineering.

Next year, Julie will serve as VP External with the UES. Julie is a passionate advocate for women in engineering. She is co-President of the student-run club, Women in Engineering, and she volunteers at Girls’ Club, a camp that introduces girls to engineering.

“I believe that empowering young girls, working towards equality, and achieving a more balanced professional workforce will greatly benefit the engineering community,” says Julie.

Julie also recently helped to win a bid to bring the National Conference on Women in Engineering to Western next year, and will be Co-Chairing the conference.

Outside of school, Julie also volunteers at the Chelsea Park Retirement Home, where she helps run recreational programming for the residents. In her spare time, she enjoys music and outdoor sports.

Julie hopes to finish her electrical engineering degree and to pursue graduate studies in Audiology.

As a recipient of this scholarship, Julie will be featured in a nationally distributed Winners Brochure that includes a biography and photo. An individualized press release will also be sent to the national media, professional engineering associations, Western and the local media. Julie’s name, photo and university will also be promoted on the CEMF website. Throughout the year, winners are promoted through a variety of public relation methods such as posters and interviews. Congratulations to Julie for being recognized for all her hard work.

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