Engineering Now .: Volume 3 - Edition 8 .: March 2007

The best of the best showcased at Western Engineering Design Days – Final Presentations

Western Engineering Design Days - Final Presenations :: Wi50 Mobile Police Device
Software Engineering students presented their Wi50 - Mobile Police Device idea at the Western Engineering Design Days - Final Presentation held Thursday, March 22, 2007.

As part of Western Engineering’s curriculum, all fourth-year engineering students must complete a fourth-year design project. The students can work in a team or on their own. At the end of their project, all teams must present their work to a panel of judges in their department. Winning teams are invited to present a condensed version of their winning presentation at Western Engineering’s Design Days – Final Presentations event. At this event, students receive a certificate of recognition and an award for their accomplishments.

The 2007 winning teams include:
Green Building Competition
HVAC System Design
Team members: Kerry Fraser, Graham Honsa, Gabe Traczuk

Civil & Environmental Engineering
Shoreline Design Consulting Engineering
Team members: Laura Duke, Sasha Gollish, Ashley Newhouse, Steven Trimm-Combes

Civil & Environmental Engineering
Diamond Engineering
Team members: Peter Garbacz, Brian Nourse, Shari Robitaille, Dana Tessler, Jeffrey Thomson

Civil & Environmental Engineering
Elgin Residual Management Facility
Team members: Jonathan Cooper, Ryan Crowley, James Little

Computer Engineering
Infrared Tire Temperature Sensor/Datalogger
Team members: Mathew Geerts, Ryan Harrison

Electrical Engineering
Portable Force Monitoring System
Team members: Marc Goulet

Electrical Engineering
Electronically Controlled and Actuated Continuously Variable Transmission
Team members: Brian Clinch and Robert Jelenic

Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
Poly (vinyl Alcohol) – Bacterial Cellulose Nanocomposite as a Cartilage Replacement Material
Team members: Christine Oates

Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
Sour Gas Oil Processing to Maximize Gasoline Production
Team members: Hector S. Gomez, Fidel Hernandez, Michael Trecroce

Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
Treatment and Utilization of Dairy Wastewater
Team members: Wakelin Fulford, Kevin Kraan, James Kittmer, Tyler Stephenson

Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Formula SAE Chassis and Suspension Design
Team members: Scott Brandon, Joel Vandermarel, Curtis Vandermarel

Software Engineering
Wi50 - Mobile Police Device
Team members: Lawton Au-Yong, Rami Ayyad, Michael Kienzle, Justin Loo

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