Engineering Now .: Volume 4 - Edition 5 .: February 2008

First winner of Julie Lassonde Scholarship announced

The first winner of the prestigious Julie Lassonde scholarship has been announced. Chemical and Biochemical Masters student Shahram Amirnia has been awarded the scholarship, in its first year of availability.

Mr. Amirnia is currently conducting his graduate research on the properties of Xanthan Gum, under the supervision of Dr. A. Margaritis, faculty member in the department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering.

After working for some time as an engineer in a Polypropylene Plant, Mr. Amirnia found himself concerned with the environmental consequences of his work, which leads to the production of tonnes of polymers that can remain on the earth for hundreds of years.

Feeling that something was missing from the industry, he decided to return to school as a graduate student in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering and begin research on new, “green” processes for producing useful products such as biodegradable biopolymers.

Mr. Amirnia’s research could have implications in the many processes found in food and chemical, biochemical, and wastewater treatment industries.

The Julie Lassonde Scholarship, which will be available in perpetuity, has a value of $10,000 and is awarded to a full-time graduate student in any year of Engineering based on academic achievement (minimum 78% average) and financial need.

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