Engineering Now .: Volume 4 - Edition 9 .: July and August 2008

Recent Staffing changes to the Dean’s Office

As of July 1, 2008, Chantal Gloor, Director of Administration for Western Engineering, moved into her new position as Director of Administration & Operations for the newly established Institute for Chemicals and Fuels from Alternative Resources (ICFAR).

From her new office in Thompson Engineering Building, Room 461, Chantal will be helping to shape ICFAR into the internationally-renowned research institute it has the potential to be. The Western Engineering community would like to take this opportunity to thank Chantal for her years of hard work and dedication to the Faculty, and wish her all the best in her new adventure.

As of August 5, 2008, Allison Stevenson, Communications Officer, returned to her position from maternity leave. Welcome back Allison, we missed you! Allison will be resuming all the duties and responsibilities that she held prior to her leave, and that were handled by Becky Blue during her absence. We would also like to extend our thanks to Becky, whose last day was Friday, August 29. Becky was instrumental in Western Engineering’s success with communication projects such as MEng advertisements in the London Free Press, Western Engineering’s first joint Research Showcase with the Faculty of Science, internal communications, media relations, and more. The Faculty wishes Becky all the best with her future endeavours.

Due to the recent staffing changes, the Communications portfolio will now fall under the Office of External Services. Allison will work in conjunction with Lesley Mounteer, Associate Director of External Services, as well as Acting Dean George Knopf, to move Communications projects forward.

Also in the Dean’s Office, Christina MacDonald, who currently serves as Coordinator of Faculty and Staff Relations, will take on the role of Acting Director of Administration. A big thank you goes to Christina, who will be tackling the challenge of assuming many of the administrative roles previously handled by Chantal.

The Faculty is also very pleased to welcome back Martha Fediw, Manager of Research & Graduate services. She returned to her position from maternity leave on June 9. A sincere thank-you is extended to David Tweddell, who did a wonderful job of filling in for Martha while she was away. Congratulations are also due to David, who has now moved over to Western’s Research and Development Services team.

The Undergraduate Services team has also undergone some changes. Rebecca Dashford, who served for several months as an Academic Counselor to replace Brigitte Heddle, completed her contract on August 8 and has now moved into a new position with the Department of History. Brigitte was originally filling in for Karen Murray, who is also on maternity leave, and will return to her role on September 15. A big thank you goes out to Rebecca for doing a great job in a short period of time.

UGS has also welcomed back Erin Chute to her position as Counseling Assistant, as she too returned from maternity leave on August 18. Andrea Hufford, who filled Erin’s position in her absence, completed her contract on August 29, and did a wonderful job keeping things running smoothly while Erin was away. We are pleased to announce that Andrea will be staying with us for the next month or so, during this transition period, assisting the Dean’s Office.

The Western Engineering community would like to extend its sincerest thank you to all of our departing friends and colleagues, who helped to keep things in the Faculty moving forward in the last year. And of course a big “welcome back!” to all our returning staff members, who we look forward to working with again in the coming year.

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