Engineering Now .: Volume 3 - Edition 12 .: August 2007

O'Carroll receives $100,000 gift from the EJLB Foundation

The EJLB Foundation has recently donated $100,000 in support of Civil and Environmental Engineering professor, Denis O’Carroll’s research project entitled, Developing Innovative Groundwater Remediation Strategies.

Focusing on Nanotechnology Research and Environmental Research, O’Carroll will attempt to address the main problems with current methods of groundwater remediation including: difficulties in locating the contaminated zone in the subsurface; inability to adequately target these areas for remediation; and the characteristics of subsurface diversity and waste mixture complexity.

O’Carroll has designed a research program that is built upon the foundation of better understanding of the transport of non-aqueous phase liquids (NAPL) contaminants as a prerequisite for the accurate assessment of chemical exposure and the design of effective subsurface clean up strategies.

"The significant EJLB Foundation gift will help train a number of graduate students in the new area of nanotechnology in the environment,” says O’Carroll. “The funding allows us to fast track our development of these nanoparticles that will help clean up contaminated waters around the world."

Incorporated in February 1983 as a non-profit charitable corporation, The EJLB Foundation supports environmental scientific research performed in Canadian universities or affiliated research centres.

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