Engineering Now .: Volume 3 - Edition 1 .: August 31, 2006

MPP's visit Western Engineering

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Dr. Deb Matthews (London North Centre MPP) and Mr. Chris Bentley (Minister of Universities and Colleges) toured Western Engineering Friday, August 11.

During their visit, they learned how to maneuver the virtual reality equipment in Dr. Rajni Patel's lab in the Thompson Engineering Building.

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Dr. Rajiv Varma explains the research conducted in the Power Systems lab.

Dr. Jesse Zhu shows off various paint samples created in his Powder Coatings Lab.

Dr. Jin Jiang explains how the equipment works in his Fuel Cells and Advanced Control of Nuclear Power Plants Lab.

Dr. Andy Sun demonstrates how he conducts research in the area of nano-materials in his Nano-materials Fabrication and Fuel Cells Lab.

Vega Lee, one of Dr. Cynthia Dunning and Dr. Tom Jenkyn's graduate students, chats with Mr. Chris Bentley about her thesis project she recently completed on computerized models of the elbow.

Federico Berruti, a Western Engineering undergraduate student, shows Mr. Chris Bentley samples of agricultural waste products, before and after they run through the Fast Pyrolysis Machine in the Pyrolysis Unit/Lab.