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Mike Gaylard and Mike deJager
Mike Gaylard, Associate Director, Facilities, Western Engineering and Mike deJager, Project Manager, Physical Plant, have been selected as this year’s Engineering Award of Recognition recipients for their involvement in the Claudette MacKay-Lassonde Pavilion (CMLP) construction project.

“Both Mike Gaylard and Mike deJager have been strong advocates for this centre for advanced learning and have been actively involved since the projects’ inception to the doors officially opening on October 3,” says Western Engineering Dean Andrew Hrymak. “They have gone above and beyond in their roles to ensure former Dean Berruti’s overall vision for the building was met including making this building a living/learning environment.”

In the award nomination package one individual commented that “[Mike deJager.] consistently demonstrated a uniquely composed and systematic approach in effectively addressing the notably complex issues that were encountered during the design and construction phases of this project. He never failed to facilitate the development of practicable and timely solutions and his strong personal diligence and energetic enthusiasm in leading the construction team contributed greatly to the successful completion of the project as intended, both on time and on budget.”

Another individual commented on Mike Gaylard’s level of commitment and dedication to this project: “Although this project consumed an enormous amount of [Mike’s] time, he was also able to fulfill the expectations of his regular role. Mike always remained professional and enthusiastic even while meeting intense deadlines, handling multiple complex requests and project challenges, while providing unique ideas and solutions.”

Dean Hryamk adds, “Without Mike G. and Mike D.’s exceptional contributions and personal dedication to the CMLP project, Western Engineering would not have a top-notch facility to support our research and teaching missions.”

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