Engineering Now .: Volume 2 - Edition 10 .: April 21, 2006

Safety check - training needs to be completed before September 2006

The Workplace Health and Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) has notified Western that they plan to conduct a Workwell evaluation of the University in the fall of 2006.

The Workwell evaluation is a comprehensive study of all aspects of workplace safety including policies, standards, training, records, performance, employee representation, etc. The report from WSIB will indicate Western’s strengths in health and safety and identify areas requiring improvement.

Organizations that do not achieve a passing score of 75% are given six months to improve before a re-evaluation. Failure to pass the second evaluation can result in additional premium charges up to 75% of the current annual WSIB premiums. In Western’s case, this could mean additional charges of nearly $750,000.

To pass this evaluation all faculty, staff, and students working in our labs have to ensure their training records are up-to-date, before September 2006.

Click here for a training matrix outlining what training you require, based on your job responsibilities ...

Example - Laboratory Worker
Training required includes:

  • Laboratory Safety Workshop
  • New Employee Health and Safety Orientation
  • Plus others, depending on the specific type of work being done, such as: biosafety, laser safety, fall protection, ladder safety, etc.

    Please note: Supervisors must complete all training that is required by the people they supervise.

    WHIMS training is available online. Click here to complete your training today! Other Health and Safety training sessions are available throughout the year. Click here for more information...

    For more information, please contact Mike Gaylard.

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