CREC provides the petrochemical, chemical, and energy industries with innovative reactor technology for the

    transformation of petroleum feedstocks or conversion of intermediate petrochemical products. The laboratories are

    equipped with advanced analytical instruments (GC-MS, FTIR, TPD/TPR) and computers for simulation, data

    acquisition and process control. 

    Special Equipment of CREC include: optiprobesreactor

    • Cold simulator for biomass gasification
    • Cold simulator for large scale fluidized beds and bubble columns
    • CREC Riser Simulator for FCC studies and catalytic testing
    • CREC-GS Optiprobes for fluidized beds
    • Photocatalytic reactor for the destruction of organic contaminants in water and in air
    • Photocatalytic reactor for water splitting
    • Pilot plant for hydrocarbon synthesis


    • Catalysis
    • Fluidization
    • Pneumatic Transport
    • Reactor Engineering
    • Three Phase Bed
    • Ultrapyrolysis