New CREC Laboratories

CREC exerted leadership in 2000 on the development of a 2.1 million dollars multi-institutional CFI project entitled

“Chemical ReactorEngineeringfor Environmental Friendly Processes and Products” in collaboration with four research

centers at three Canadian universities: University of Western Ontario (Western), University of British Columbia (UBC)

and Université Laval (Laval). This CFI project counted with the participation of leading Canadian researchers: Dr. S.

Kaliaguine- catalysis (Laval), Dr. S. McIntyre- surface science (Western), Dr. H. de Lasa and Dr. D. Karamanev-

chemical reaction engineering (Western) and Dr. J. Grace and Dr. J. Lim - fluidized bed reactors (UBC).  This realization

was critical for pursuing in 2005, a 18-million dollars multi-institutional CFI grant under the Leading Edge Fund

(LEF). This CFI-LEF “Green Energy and Environmentally Friendly Technologies” grant application was awarded in late

2006 and is the largest grant ever received by the Faculty of Engineering. This CFI grant has and will continue to

contribute towards the development of a new Green building facility, which houses cutting-edge research and equipment

for the study of green chemical technologies at Western. The above mentioned CFI grant allowed CREC researchers to

re-establish themselves in the new 10000 ft2 laboratories and research offices in the Claudette MacKay Lassonde

Pavillion (CMLP).



Chemical Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Department (CBE) and CREC research teams currently developing

activities in the new Claudette MacKay Lassonde Pavillion (CMLP). Circa August 1, 2009.

Highlights in the new facilities are the unique patented research tools such as the 2009-CREC Riser Simulators with its

associated GC-MS equipment, the CREC-Optiprobes and Photo-CREC photocatalytic reactors.

Current CREC projects study the catalytic gasification of biomass, the application of photo-catalysis to air and water

treatment purification, chemical looping combustion with oxygen carriers for economic CO2 capture, novel catalysts for

environmentally friendly fuels and new approaches for the production of alcohols and olefins.


    Overview of the new CREC facilities in the Claudette MacKay Lassonde Pavillion (CMLP). Circa February 20,2010.