Advanced Nanomaterials for Clean Energy GroupWestern Engineering

    Prof. Sun's Group is Working with China Automotive Battery Institute Inc. on Solid-State Batteries.Congratulations to Yang Zhao et al, for their paper entitled "Superior Stable and Long Life Sodium Metal Anodes Achieved by Atomic Layer Deposition" published in Advanced Materials in 2017.Congratulations to Dr. Hossein Yadegari et al. for their paper entitled " A Bifunctional Solid State Catalyst with Enhanced Cycling Stability for Na and Li-O2 Cells: Revealing the Role of Solid State Catalysts" published in Energy & Environmental Science in 2017Congratulations to Dr. Niancai Cheng et al. for their paper about "Platinum single-atom and cluster catalysis of the hydrogen evolution reaction" being published in Nature Communication 2016


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