Hossein Kazemian
(PhD., C. Chem., MCIC)

Dr. Kazemian is a Chartered Chemist with many years of experience as a senior Analytical, Environmental and Material Chemist and a team leader in both academia and industry with extensive background on porous zeolitic materials from natural and synthetic zeolite to MOFs & ZIFs

He has developed several technology-based processes (up to pilot scales) and products (up to prototypes) and also directed industrial scale projects.

He has written many client-oriented R&D proposals and secured  funding from industries and government agencies by forecasting the trend of research and development in manufacturing novel materials for separation and catalyst applications. he is a senior consultant for several Canadian and International companies, helping them developing new products and marketing their technology-based products worldwide. he has worked with, developed SOPs for and troubleshoot many analytical instrumentation such as GC, HPLC, AA, ICP, TGA, DSC, BET, XRD, XRF, SEM, DVS, UV-vis, FTIR, DLS, KF, Radioanalytical techniques (Gamma, Alpha and Beta spectroscopy), etc.

Dr. Kazemian is serving as a member of editorial board of several international journals and as a member of scientific board of many international conference.

He has taught several chemistry courses such as analytical chemistry, general chemistry, material and environmental chemistry, etc. and facilitated many technical & scientific workshops  and also published many scientific articles including 100plus papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals and 200plus presentations

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Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, Isfahan University, Isfahan, Iran


Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, Isfahan University, Isfahan, Iran


General Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, Isfahan University, Isfahan, Iran

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Recent Professional Experiences


Research Associate (PDF)

1/11/2009- Present

 Dep. of Chem. & Biochem. Eng., Faculty of Eng. Western University (UWO), London, ON, Canada


Senior Research Fellow (PDF) 


Fuel Cell Institute, Chemical Eng. Dep., National University of Malaysia (UKM), Bangi,  Malaysia


Founder and Head of  Zeolite R&D Group


3/2006 - 2/2009

 SPAG Zeolite R&D Group, Science and Technology Park of Tehran University, Tehran, Iran

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Research Interests

  • New techniques for manufacturing of porous Zeolitic like framework materials (MOFs, ZIFs) .
  • Drug Delivery on porous zeolitic materials
  • Nano-zeolites, Nanomaterials, and Nano Composite
  • CO2 Capturing using solid state porous materials
  • Nano Catalysts based on Porous materials
  • Environmental Researches,  (Water, Air and Soil pollution; treatment processes)
  • Zeolitic Layers and Membrane
  •  Biodiesel Production using solid catalysts based on porous materials
  • Natural zeolite                                                           (Characterization, Modifications, Properties and Applications)

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 Typical Ongoing Projects in ZNML


 Developing of novel hybrid manufacturing techniques for scalable production of zeolitic like framework materials (MOFs and ZIFs)

Porous metal–organic framework materials (MOFs) was introduced  for the first time by Yaghi and co-workers in the 1990s. In spite of the well known extraordinary properties of MOF materials that can apply for many various industrial applications particularly in the energy sector (e.g. for hydrogen and methane storage) as well as for environmental application ( e.g. CO2 separation and storage), one of the main obstacles of industrialization of this relatively new class of porous materials is their energy and time consuming production process, which means developing of techno-economically viable (i.e. relatively cheap and technologically feasible ) processes for production of MOF materials at larger  scale (cubic meters) is much desirable. Given the extraordinary affect of microwave and ultrasound energies, the main objective of this  research proposal is to develop novel and energy efficient manufacturing techniques using combinations of these relatively new energy sources along with conventional heating for manufacturing of some the down screened zeolitic-like framework materials at shorter crystallization time in an economically viable approach to produce cheaper materials at larger scale particularly for application in H2, CH4 and CO2 gases separation and storage, effective catalysts for NOx/SOx reduction and CO oxidation as well as appropriate carries for drug delivery .


 Capturing and Storage of CO2 on the zeolitic like framework materials

Capturing and sequestration of CO2 represents the most significant cost at about 75% of the total cost of CO2 remediation processes. The adsorbents that most readily adsorb CO2 such as the zeolites have difficulty for bulk adsorption and are hard to regenerate. Thus conventional processes suffer from low productivity and high operating costs. Gas capturing and storage obstacles can be overcome by using solid porous adsorbents. The use of zeolitic-like framework materials such as MOFs and ZIFs nanomaterials should successfully replace traditional, pollution-prone and energy-consuming separation processes.

In this concern, we are trying improve gravimetric and volumetric density of gas uptake (i.e. H2 and CO2) by improving the binding energy for increasing the Zeolitic like framework materials’ gas storage at lower pressures. In this regard, for implementation of “soft chemisorption”; design and preparation of new materials with metal binding sites will be taken into account.

Experimentally, preliminary dynamic capturing of CO2 will be considered by means of thermo-gravimetrical analysis (TGA). In this phase, the effect of temperature, pressure, particle size and surface area, post-synthesis modification and activation, and interfering molecules will be investigated.

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Kazemian's selected publications  at Scopus

Kazemian's publication at Google Scholar


Some selected Articles in Peer Reviewed/Scholarly Journals ( 2008- 2015) :

  1. Madjid Delkash, Babak Ebrazi Bakhshayesh, Hossein Kazemian; Using zeolitic adsorbents to clean up special wastewater streams: A review, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, (2015), in press

  2. S. S. Bukhari, J. Behin, H. Kazemian, S. Rohani , Synthesis of zeolite Na-A using single mode microwave irradiation at atmospheric pressure: The effect of microwave power, (2015) Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering ,  DOI 10.1002/cjce.22194

  3. S.S. Bukhari, J. Behin, H. Kazemian, S. Rohani, Conversion of coal fly ash into zeolite utilizing microwave and ultrasound energies: A Review, Fuel, (2015) Fuel, 140, pp. 250-266.

  4. Gordon, J., Kazemian, H., Rohani, S. MIL-53(Fe), MIL-101, and SBA-15 porous materials: Potential platforms for drug delivery; (2015) Materials Science and Engineering C, 47, pp. 172-179

  5. Zahra Ghasemi Laleh Vajheh Sari, Habibollah Younesi, Hossein Kazemian, Synthesis of nanosized ZSM-5 zeolite using extracted silica from rice husk without adding any alumina source, Applied Nanoscience, DOI: 10.1007/s13204-014-0370-x

  6. S.S. Bukhari, J. Behin, H. Kazemian, S. Rohani, A comparative study using direct hydrothermal and indirect fusion methods to produce zeolites from coal fly ash utilizing single mode microwave energy at atmospheric pressure, (2014) Journal of Materials Science, 49 (24), pp. 8261-8271.

  7. Jamshid Behin, Syed Salman Bukhari, Vahid Dehnavi, Hossein Kazemian, Sohrab Rohani, Using coal fly ash and wastewater for microwave synthesis of LTA zeolite , Chem. Eng. Technol. 2014, 37 (9), 1532-1540.

  8. H Taheri-Sodejani, M Ghobadinia, SH Tabatabaei, H Kazemian, Influence of Natural Zeolite on the Soil Nitrates Irrigated with Wastewater: Study on Application Method, Particle Size and Dosage of Zeolite, Desalination and Water Treatment,  (2014), Article in Press DOI:10.1080/19443994.2014.904818

  9. Mohammad Noori Sepehr, Hossein Kazemian, Esmail Ghahramani, Abdeltif Amrane, V. Sivasankare, Mansur Zarrabi, Defluoridation of water via Light Weight Expanded Clay Aggregate (LECA): Adsorbent characterization, competing ions, chemical regeneration, equilibrium and kinetic modeling, Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers;  45, 4 (2014) 821-1834

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Patents ( Registered in Iran):

  • Synthesize of Na-Y zeolites from industrial materials in pilot scale. Patent Number 41159- 2007

  • Design and manufacturing of  a laboratory microwave oven  by using a kitchen microwave oven. Patent Number 41171- 2007

  • Synthesize and characterization of a composite based on a zirconolite glass-ceramic with a second phase. Patent Number 44491 - 2007

  • Synthesize of Gold Nano Particles (GNP) on the modified NH4-Y zeolite substrate using deposition-precipitation method and investigation of its thermal stability for CO oxidation. Patent Number 46677- 2008

  • Activation of Gold Nano Particles (GNP)  on the Na-Y substrate using CO gas at high temperature. Patent Number 46676- 2008

  • Manufacturing of nano-pore  alumina membrane by two stage anodizing Patent Number 54249- 2008

  • Synthesis of NaA, NaX and Sodalite nanoparticles at room temperature and 40 °C  without templating agents by using of silica source extracted from rice husk. Patent Number 63031- 2009

  • Extraction of Silica from Rice Husk as a source for synthesis of ZSM-5 nanozeolite without using Alumina. Patent Number 63030-2009.


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