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2013.10 : WindEEE Scientific Symposium

Group photo at WindEEE Scientific Symposium

Introductory Remarks

Amit Chakma, President and Vice-Chancellor, Western University, London, Canada

Andy Hrymak, Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Western University, London, Canada

The WindEEE Research Institute and the WindEEE Dome

Horia Hangan, Director, WindEEE Research Institute, Western University, London, Canada

Wind and Turbulence

Chairs: Horia Hangan & Gregory Kopp

Lord Julian Hunt, Emeritus Professor of Climate Modelling and Honorary Professor of Mathematics (University College, London) and Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, UK
"Turbulence Structure and Wind Loads"

Kishor Mehta, Program Director, Hazard Mitigation & Disasters, National Science Foundation, Arlington, Virginia, USA
"Hazard Mitigation and Wind Engineering : Paradigm Shift"

Wind Engineering Innovation

Chairs: Giovanni Solari & Girma Bitsuamlak

Ahsan Kareem, Robert M. Moran Professor of Engineering, University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA (1st Alan Davenport Medal Recipient)
"Changing Dynamic of Wind Loads: From Uniform Flows to Gust Fronts"

Chris Letchford, Professor & Department Head, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York, USA
"Innovative Physical Modeling for Wind Engineering"

Girma Bitsuamlak, Associate Professor, Canada Research Chair in Wind Engineering Tier II, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Western University, London, Canada
"Multi-scale Experimental Modeling of Wind Effects on the Built-Environment"

Acir Mércio Loredo-Souza, Professor of Engineering and Director, Laboratório de Aerodinâmica das Construções, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre,Brazil
"Thunderstorm Winds and Complex Terrains: Challenges for the Brazilian Engineering and the Innovative Potential of WindEEE¨

Wind Energy Innovation

Chairs: Rupp Carriveau & Kamran Siddiqui

Jonathan Naughton, Director, Wind Energy Research Center (WERC) & Professor Mechanical Engineering, University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming, USA
"A Roadmap for Validation and Verification Experiments for Wind Energy"

Jakob Mann, Professor of Wind Engineering and Atmospheric Turbulence, DTU Wind Energy Department, RisØ Campus, Danish Technical University, Denmark
"Challenges for Wind Energy"

Guy Holburn, Director, Ivey Energy Policy and Management Centre, Western University, London, Canada
"Public Policy for Wind Energy in Ontario"

Christian Masson, Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, École de technologie supérieure, Montreal, Canada
"Wake Analysis Using AD/LES"

Wind Environment Innovation

Chairs: Andrew Pollard & Craig Miller

Rebecca Barthelmie, Professor, Atmospheric Science and Sustainability, Indiana University, USA
"Measuring Wind and Turbulence in 3D"

Karen Kosiba, Atmospheric Research Scientist, Centre for Severe Weather Research, Boulder, Colorado, USA
"The Low-Level Wind Structure of Tornadoes and Hurricanes"

David Sills, Severe Weather Scientist, Cloud Physics and Severe Weather Research, Environment Canada, Toronto, Canada
"A Fresh Spin on Tornado Occurrence and Wind Damage Rating in Canada"

Industry Driven Opportunities

Chairs: José Terres-Nicoli & Horia Hangan

Hosam Ali, Director, Structural Hazards and Response Research, FM Global, Norwood, Massachusetts, USA
"Engineering-Based Natural Hazards Loss Prevention"

Dariush Faghani, Senior Analyst-Energy Policies and Strategy, GL Garrad Hassan Canada Ltd., Montreal, Canada
"Industry Driven Innovations in Wind Energy"

Jon Galsworthy, General Manager & Principal, Rowan Williams Davies and Irwin Inc. (RWDI), Guelph, Canada
"Potential Applications of WindEEE Dome to the Wind Engineering of Tall Buildings and Structures"

Suresh Santanam, Deputy Executive Director, Syracuse Center of Excellence in Environmental and Energy Systems, Syracuse, New York, USA
"US-Canada Cross Border Research Collaborations and GLSEC"

2013.10 : WindEEE Scientific Symposium

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