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2013.10 : WindEEE Scientific Symposium

Group photo at WindEEE Scientific Symposium
Over 90 wind experts from 4 continents, 6 countries and 32 institutions around the world attended a research symposium, public lecture and tour of Western's new WindEEE Dome.
The focus of the symposium was to bring together world leaders in wind research to share ideas and debate new trends in the areas of wind engineering, energy and the environment (the three E's in WindEEE). [read more ...]

2013.10 : Public Lecture

Lord Julian Hunt's public lecture at Western
Following the research symposium, guests and the general public attended a lecture by Lord Julian Hunt, Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, UK and Honorary Professor in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge. Hunt presented his ideas regarding the trends in the area of meteorology, climate change and wind engineering. Hunt's presentation covered his work in the area of climate modelling and climate change in the UK. In his closing remarks, Hunt told the audience he believes in order to address climate change, we need to seek more public understanding, apply more practical measures and enforce more policies. He challenged the audience to adapt and design local, regional and global environments while collaborating more with industry and insurance agencies.

2013.10 : WindEEE Open House

A WindEEE Open House took place on October 17. For several hours WindEEE received visitors from the London area, the Province of Ontario, nationally and internationally.
The main parts of the WindEEE Dome have been presented to the public. A tornado of approx. 4 meters in diameter has been simulated and visualized to the great satisfaction of the ones present.
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Research Events

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