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We Stress-Tested Drones In a High-Tech Wind Vortex

Vice | Motherboard (May 10, 2016)

“Basically, scientists at the Western University's Wind Engineering, Energy and Environment Research Institute [...] are stress-testing future structures and vehicles so that they can stand up to the punishment doled out by extreme weather.” [read full article]

Myth or Science 4: In the Eye of the Storm

CBC (January 14, 2016)

“Jennifer Gardy visits the WindEEE Research Institute at the University of Western Ontario to talk to storm chaser and researcher Maryam Rafan who explains how they create a vortex of up to 300 km per hour. ” [read full article]

Wind: The Invisible Force

BBC (December 01, 2014)

“Richard also visits one of the few places on the planet capable of duplicating a real-life tornado. The Wind Engineering, Energy and Environment Research Institute [...] hadn't even opened its doors when Richard asked them to take part in an experiment. ” [read full article]

[archive] Wind dome in the works

London Free Press (March 02, 2011)

“When completed next year, the $23.6-million hexagonal structure will be the most advanced wind-research facility in the world, according to Western.
The engineering school at Western has taken the first step, with the completion of a scale-model “mini-dome.” Measuring about four meters in diameter and weighing about a ton, the mini-dome is about one-tenth the size of the actual planned structure.” [read full article]

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