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Modo Yoga Event

January, 2019

We will be hosting a yoga event! It will be taking place on Sunday, January 20th at 2:30pm at Modo Yoga. Cost is $10 per person and an additional $2 if you would like to rent a mat. Bus route will be posted soon on our Facebook page!

When: Sunday, January 20th at 2:30pm

Where: Modo Yoga (677 Richmond Street)


Welcoming Our New 2018-2019 Executive Team

Co-President: Alana Morrone

Co-President: Mathumitha Sureshkumar

Vice President: Christine Kim

Communications Director: Bailey Thompson

Finance Director: Avery Dechief

Marketing Director: Hanna Jedemann

Social Director: Gillian Wilton

Mentorship Director: Sarah Roberts

Outreach Director: Jenna Wemple

Outreach Intern: Jules Thomas





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