Ninja Pearl: 2011-2012
Ninja Pearl marked WECCA's 5th entry into the National Competition. The team WECCA brought to competition was a very young team, which was ready to learn. WECCA used this year to build up a team that was able to compete in the 2012-2013 year, WECCA's most successful year to date.
Ragnarok: 2012-2013
In the 2012-2013 year, WECCA constructed two different canoes. The first canoe, aptly named Ragnarok after the end of the world in Norse mythology, was unsuccessful. The team attempted a new and innovative casting method which consisted of a male mould and half a female mould. The concrete was then placed in between the two moulds. This method although innovative, faced several challenges on casting day, and resulted in major stress cracks and inconsistencies. This resulted in the team choosing a much more conventional casting method for the second canoe.
Valkyrie: 2012-2013
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Valkyrie was constructed using a much more conventional casting method, with only an inner mould. The team removed both the ends of the mould and inserted bulkheads as a safety consideration for the canoe. Concrete was then placed by hand along the male mould through the wire mesh reinforcement. WECCA made use of a new innovation of vibrating trowels in order to insure the concrete had no gaps and to achieve a much smoother finish, as well as a more accurate depth of concrete. This resulted in WECCA's most successful year to date achieving 5th place at the national competition.